Full Service Veterinary Care in Bakersfield, CA

Here at, At The Oaks Pet Hospital, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality, full service veterinary care in the greater Bakersfield, CA area. From regular health check-ups to teeth cleaning and emergency services, we know that the health and well-being of your beloved pets are important to your family. Our dedicated and experienced staff, including head veterinarian Dr. Teg Sidhu, utilize the most advanced veterinary care techniques to keep your pets happy, healthy and thriving.

Services At The Oaks Pet Hospital

Services Available at Our Vet Clinic

Booking an appointment for your pet at our vet clinic is simple and enjoyable. We work hard to accommodate your busy schedule and are happy to include you in each step of the examination process.

Spay & Neuter

Spaying & neutering your pets is a beneficial procedure that helps to reduce pet overpopulation. This routine treatment is also a great way to help increase your pet’s chances of a longer and healthier life while reducing their urge to roam.

Pet Grooming

Keep your pet looking and feeling their best with regular grooming visits to our vet clinic. From nail trimmings to help with shedding their heavy undercoats during the spring, regular grooming is ideal for keeping your pet’s skin and coat healthy.


Just like humans, household pets need vaccines to help shield them from common diseases. Because many diseases can be passed from animal to animal, animal to human and human to animal, it is in everyone’s best interest to protect against illness in your home.

Teeth Cleaning

Your pet’s dental health can have a great affect on their overall health and temperament. If left untreated, your pet could face painful extractions and be forced to live on a modified diet. Help prevent tooth decay with regular cleanings at our friendly veterinary office.

Flea, Tick & Heartworm Treatments

A comprehensive vet exam is not complete without discussing the best flea, tick and heartworm treatment options for your pet. After an initial examination, Dr. Sidhu and his team will be able to suggest the best treatment option to fit your family’s lifestyle and budget needs.


Because we believe in the highest quality and advanced veterinary care, we proudly offer microchipping services to our patients. Microchipping is a fast, easy and pain-free procedure that places a small scannable chip under your pet’s skin so that they can be easily identified in the event that they are ever lost or stolen.

Pet Boarding

Whether your pet needs a comfortable space to stay post operation or you are looking for boarding services while you’re family is out of town, the team at The Oaks Pet Hospital is happy to discuss affordable and quality boarding options with you.

Pet Surgery

With the most advanced treatment options available, our team is happy to take care of all of your pet surgery needs in our relaxed and comfortable animal hospital. We provide a wide range of surgical treatment options that are designed to treat your pet’s condition with the least amount of disruption to their day-to-day life.

Emergency Services

Our staff is available 6 days a week to provide each of our patients emergency vet care services when they need them the most. Emergencies can range from anything such as chocolate ingestion to car accidents and run-ins with local wildlife. If you are worried that your pet needs emergency treatment, please do not hesitate to call ahead or visit our offices immediately.

Have questions about the services offered at The Oaks Pet Hospital? Give us a call at (661) 665-8950 or visit us online today to schedule an appointment with our friendly and knowledgeable veterinary team!