Special Needs Pet Care

At The Oaks Pet Hospital Offers Special Needs Pet Care

Having a special needs pet means you're committed to giving them the special care they need to thrive with their particular challenges. They may require additional veterinary care, additional monitoring or customized equipment to help them lead full and happy lives. When you visit The Oaks Pet Hospital in Bakersfield, CA, we can provide compassionate, professional veterinary care for your special needs pet.


What Are Special Needs Pets?

Special needs pets are those with physical or medical challenges that require a bit of accommodation in order for them to function in everyday life. These animals may be blind, deaf, missing a limb, have paralysis or need ongoing medical treatment. Because of their physical or medical challenge, their owners must often take additional measures to help them live effectively and with a high quality of life.

Special Needs Pets Need Special Attention

Blind and deaf animals may arrange your household in ways that help them to navigate their daily lives more easily. You will need to use hand signals or flashlights to communicate with your pet. You will have to use additional care in monitoring your pet, such as wearing a bell, so they can find you and ensuring they have tags that state their disability if they become lost. Microchipping is of special importance for special needs pets. Animals with ongoing medical issues may need daily medications, injections or other measures to keep them healthy. Your vet can help you provide the special care your challenged pet needs.

Your Vet Can Help Maximize Your Pet’s Health and Function

Your Bakersfield veterinarian can be your partner in helping to care for your special needs pet. If additional monitoring of a health condition is needed, we can ensure that pets receive adjustments in medication or treatment to keep them thriving. Your vet can also be a valuable resource for information and advice on living with a special needs pet, so you can continue to provide all your animal companion needs for a high quality of life.

Make At The Oaks Pet Hospital Your Veterinarian in Bakersfield

Dr. Sidhu and At The Oaks Pet Hospital staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for all our patients in Bakersfield, CA and surrounding areas. We are a full service facility, offering wellness exams, preventative care, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, boarding grooming, and emergency care. Call At The Oaks Pet Hospital today at 661-665-8950 for an appointment to learn about the special care we provide for all our special needs patients. N/A