Pet Dermatology

Pet Dermatology with Our Veterinarians in Bakersfield

As a caring pet owner, you only want the best for your furry friend, especially when it comes to something as sensitive as their delicate skin. Pet rash, irritations, and other skin issues are common. Our Bakersfield veterinary office, At The Oaks Pet Hospital, will care for all of your pet’s needs, including skin irritation and skin rash.

dog's skin being examined by veterinarian

Pet Skin Problems & Irritation

Just like humans, pets have many reasons why their skin might become irritated. The good news is that pet skin irritation is common and typically easily treatable. Our veterinarian will investigate your pet's symptoms to determine the cause of their rash, and recommend the least invasive form of treatment possible. 

Pet Hair Loss

One of the most common signs of skin irritation in pets is hair loss. Sometimes, the root cause of the irritation causes the pet's hair to fall out on its own. Other times, the itchiness that your pet feels may cause them to excessively scratch or rub the affected area, leading to hair falling out. When you notice hair loss, it's key to get your pet to the veterinarian to find and fix the root cause of the issue.

Pet Rashes

Notice red or scale patches on your pet's skin? These often happen on the bellies of dogs and cats, and they can be quite uncomfortable for your pet. When you notice a rash on your pet's skin, there could be a variety of causes. Ticks and fleas are common causes of rashes, and both are easily treatable. Your pet could be experiencing poison ivy or poison sumac and could be having a reaction similar to the one often found in humans. An insect bite is also capable of causing a rash for your pet.

Pet Allergies

Just like people, pets often experience allergies. These allergies can be environmental and can be a reaction to cleaning products you use in your home, grass, hay, pollen, or even other pets. It's also possible for allergies to medications or food to cause rashes. If our veterinarian suspects that allergies may be the cause of your pet's rash, it's likely that they will recommend eliminating potential allergens to see if the rash goes away, then re-introducing the allergens one by one to pinpoint which one caused the rash. 

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