Pet Dental FAQs

Pet Dental Care From Our Veterinarian in Bakersfield

At the Oaks Pet Hospital is committed to providing your beloved pet with the best standard of care, and our veterinarian in Bakersfield has years of experience in performing comprehensive dental exams and cleanings on cats and dogs alike. If it's been awhile since your pet's last dental cleaning, now is a great time to schedule one with our office.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Pet Dental Care

Our pet dentist receives a number of questions about pet dental care on a regular basis, so our vet team has taken the time to answer some of these frequently asked questions for your reference.

What are the benefits of regular cat or dog teeth cleaning?

A cat or dog teeth cleaning is the best way to remove plaque and tartar buildup from your pet's teeth and gum line, as well as below the gum line. This helps to protect your pet from tooth decay and may help to reduce the chances of your pet developing gum disease. And of course, you'll get to enjoy your pet having fresher breath after a cleaning!

How often should I schedule a dog or cat teeth cleaning?

The specific frequency with which pet owners should schedule a dog or cat teeth cleaning can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the current state of your pet's oral health and his or her age. Generally, however, we recommend dental exams once a year for most pets—and cleanings once every two to three years. Our vet can make a personalized recommendation for your pet after a dental exam in our office.

What are common pet dental problems?

We see and treat a number of pet dental problems on a regular basis. Some of the most common include tooth decay, tooth abscesses (infections), and gum disease. However, we also see instances of cracked and chipped teeth, missing teeth, and crowded teeth that can make your pet uncomfortable.

What should I expect from a pet dental cleaning?

Before your pet's teeth cleaning, we'll run any necessary blood work to ensure that your pet can be safely placed under anesthesia for the appointment. This allows us to do the most thorough job possible at cleaning your pet's teeth. During your pet's cleaning, we will carefully monitor all your pet's vital signs during and after. Once your pet has recovered from anesthesia, you can bring your pet home!

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