Pet Dental Care

At The Oaks Pet Hospital Offers Pet Dental Care

When was the last time your pet received some form of dental care? Sometimes people forget that animals have dental challenges just like humans do -- including many of the same conditions, from gum disease to tooth damage. Fortunately, your pet doesn't have to suffer from these problems, because he can get the preventative care and dental treatment he needs right here at our Bakersfield veterinary clinic, At The Oaks Pet Hospital.

Veterinarian brushing dogs teeth

What You Should Know About Your Pet's Dental Health

Your pet's mouth will face many kinds of challenges to its health over the course of a lifetime. The most common of these problems, one that troubles most dogs and cats by age 3, is called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disorder strikes the tissues holding the teeth in place. It is caused by the immune system reacting to bacteria that flock to tartar on the teeth. Your pet can experience severe pain, lose the ability to eat normally, and eventually lose teeth to this disease. Oral cancer is another disease that can strike the mouth -- with potentially deadly consequences if it isn't caught and treated early.  This threat alone should be sufficient reason for Bakersfield pet owners to schedule regular checkups at our animal hospital.

Tooth damage is a fact of life for pets as well as people. A cracked or decayed tooth is not only painful; it also presents an open door for bacteria to enter the tooth and jaw. This bacteria can cause serious abscesses or even travel to other parts of your pet's body, including the heart.

Dental Exam, Cleaning, and Treatment Services at Our Veterinary Clinic

Our veterinary clinic is happy to provide regular dental exams and cleanings to help keep common dental and oral problems at bay. An annual dental exam can help us catch any damage or disease in its early stages. (Geriatric animals should have a dental exam twice a year.) We also perform thorough cleanings under anesthesia to get rid of tartar, reducing the bacteria in your pet's mouth and lowering the risk of periodontal disease. Our veterinarian also X-rays the teeth and jaws for signs of internal problems, as well as inspecting the oral cavity for cancer. If we find a problem, we can administer the necessary treatments, from antibiotics and extractions to oral cancer surgery.

Schedule Dental Care With Our Bakersfield Veterinarian

Is it time to talk to our Bakersfield veterinarian, Dr. Sidhu, about your pet's dental wellness? Call our animal hospital at ;(661) 665-8950 to schedule a pet dental exam!