Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention from At The Oaks Pet Hospital

Fleas and ticks are more than just a nuisance to get rid of on your pet. For your pet, they can cause serious complications. However, you can prevent your pet from getting ticks or fleas using specialized treatments from a veterinarian at At The Oaks Pet Hospital serving the Bakersfield area. 

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Why Protect Your Pet Against Fleas and Ticks

Once you have one flea, they quickly multiply and infest your home. These critters bite you and your family.

For your pet, these parasites cause a wide array of issues. For instance, the saliva from a flea bite on your pet causes a reaction, making them itchy. Once they scratch these sites, it's possible for them to develop an infection once they break open a bite. Your pet's coat might not look as healthy because fleas take nutrients away from your pet. 

Both fleas and ticks carry diseases. For instance, a tick can cause Lyme disease in your pet, which could cause them to have arthritis-like symptoms as it worsens. If your pet ingests a flea, it's possible for the flea to give your pet worms. Worms rob your pet of nutrients and can become deadly. 

Types of Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs and Cats

Three main types of flea and tick prevention methods exist: spot-on treatments, sprays, and oral medications. Spot-on treatments are liquids applied to the neck of your cat or dog once monthly. The medication absorbs into your pet's skin, and when your pet sweats, he or she secretes the medication, preventing against parasites. They cause little to no side effects, and you may use them as flea treatment as well. 

Sprays are another option. The veterinarian sprays an alcohol-based solution on your pet that prevents against fleas and ticks. Although they're highly effective at preventing against parasites, they cause more side effects than spot-on treatments. 

You may want to consider an oral medication. They provide your pet with full-body protection against fleas and ticks.   

How a Veterinarian Can Treat Fleas and Ticks

If your pet should happen to get a tick or fleas, a veterinary specialist is able to offer a tick or flea treatment to correct the problem. You receive a treatment like a spray to use in your home to kill the fleas. If your pet has a tick, a veterinarian safely removes the entire tick. If the tick was on your pet for a while, the tick may need to be tested for certain diseases that could spread to your pet. 

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