Emergency Veterinary Care

Emergency Care From Our Bakersfield Animal Hospital

At the Oaks Pet Hospital is your go-to Bakersfield animal hospital for your entire pet's health and wellness needs. While we hope your pet will never be in a situation where he or she needs emergency care, it is important for all pet owners to be prepared to act promptly in the event of a pet emergency. Fortunately, should your pet ever require emergency treatment, our veterinary team is here to help during our regular office hours six days a week.

dog receiving emergency care from him veterinarian in bakersfield, CA

Services Offered By Our Emergency Veterinarian

Our emergency veterinarian sees and treats a wide range of injuries and ailments on a regular basis. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to perform emergency surgeries when needed, and we also have the equipment to perform diagnostic X-rays and blood analysis when every second count.

One of the more common pet emergencies we see and treat is that of injuries caused when a pet is struck by a motor vehicle. These injuries often include severe lacerations, as well as internal bleeding, broken bones, and fractures. We also treat injuries related to encounters with local wildlife or other not-so-friendly animals that your pet may have had the misfortune of coming into contact with.

Accidental ingestion of poisons or toxins is another emergency we often handle in our office. For example, if your pet ingests a toxin like chocolate or antifreeze, our veterinary team has the resources to provide him or her with the prompt care needed. This includes administering active charcoal to lessen the burden on your pet's internal organs, as well as the ability to pump your pet's stomach or perform emergency surgery if needed.

What to Do if Your Dog or Cat Encounters a Medical Emergency

The proper steps to take if your dog or cat experiences a medical emergency will vary slightly depending on the type of injury. Generally, if your pet has suffered physical trauma (such as being struck by a car), you will want to move your pet as little as possible while transporting to our office. If your pet has ingested a toxin or poison, we also ask that you bring in any labeling or packaging from the toxin/poison to our office if possible.

Finally, we ask that you give us a call whenever possible on your way in for emergency care; this will give us the time we need to be prepared to provide your pet with immediate care when you arrive.

Questions? Contact Our Bakersfield Veterinary Team Today!

Our Bakersfield veterinary team provides emergency services during our regular office hours six days a week. Have non-urgent questions? Give At the Oaks Pet Hospital a call at (661) 665-8950 today!