Pet Nutritional Counseling

Pet Nutrition Guidance and Expert Help

We love our pets, and they love us, many times unconditionally. However, some pets will eat anything we give them, even when it's not good for them, which our team at Oaks Pet Hospital see far too often. And that can easily lead to serious dietary problems. Even picky pets like cats can get used to eating the wrong kind of food provided by human owners, and become sick or unable to control their intake. And nutrition issues can lead to weight problems, health and immune system problems, infections, and serious other internal issues. Just like in humans, animals have to be fed the right nutrition to keep them healthy the longest. This is where pet nutritional counseling comes into play.


How Pet Nutritional Counseling Makes Such a Big Difference

The science of pet nutrition is very similar to that for humans, except that it is geared for the specific animal involved. Some animals, like dogs, are very sensitive to what they eat, exhibiting signs of food allergies and similar very quickly. Other animal types can become listless, unable to generate sufficient energy intake from the wrong foods. Pet nutrition is as much about providing sufficient energy sources for the given pet as it is insuring the pet is not consuming foods or materials that will cause harm.

Some folks believe the guidance is simple and can easily be applied just reading labels on pet food. One has to keep in mind labeling is part of packaging, which is part of product marketing. While some standards are required, the extent how safe or detailed pet food is described falls far short of what is expected for human consumption. In fact, most veterinarians put no faith on product packaging descriptions as a safe method of determining pet nutrition. One of the biggest reasons why, has to do with ingredient substitution and fillers, where cheaper food types are swapped to provide the same category of nutritional delivery. And that can make a big difference in how the food affects your pet.

Pet Nutrition Guidance Specific to Your Pet

Good pet nutrition guidance is based on veterinary science and specific case analysis of your pet in its current condition. The veterinarian evaluates your specific pet, its weight and health condition, and then he or she spells out a nutrition plan that has the highest potential for healthy intake, as well intake amount levels and scheduling. All of this involves helping your pet reach a healthy weight and nutritional balance.

Take Veterinarian Action for Your Pet

So, if your pet keeps giving you those begging eyes near the dinner table but has recurring irritations, allergies, skin infections or weight problems, ignore the begging and take your pet to the vet for a checkup. Pet owners in Bakersfield can easily receive a solid review and nutrition plan set up from Oaks Pet Hospital and their trained staff.