Ear Infection

Pet Ear Infection Treatment

Like people, animals are prone to contracting certain illnesses as well. While many pet owners are familiar with the vomiting and diarrhea that might accompany accidental ingestion of some sort, there are other issues that can arise as well. Pets are prone to contracting certain types of infections. One of the types of infections that a pet may develop is actually an ear infection. When a pet develops an ear infection, this can be very serious. It is important for families to know where to take their animal in the event of an ear infection. The helpful information below from At the Oaks Spring Hospital should help the pet owners of Bakersfield better understand pet ear infections.


Signs of a Pet Ear Infection

There are several signs and symptoms that pet owners should watch out for that may indicate that their pet has an ear infection. One of the most common signs is that their pet is not coming when called. People might notice that their pet is not turning their head in response to noises and does not seem to acknowledge people around them. This is because they have an ear infection that prevents them from here in law. In addition, people may also notice that their pet is running a fever. The fever is the body’s response to an infection. Finally, people may have noticed redness, swelling, and drainage coming from the year as well. This is what happens as the body’s immune system tries to fight off this infection

Diagnosis of an Ear Infection in a Pet

If people are noticing these signs and symptoms, it is important to get their pet evaluated by a trained veterinarian. An experienced vet is going to take a look at the animal and look carefully inside the ear. The vet may even take a culture sample from the fluid that is present to figure out exactly what bug is causing the infection. The vet might also test the pet's hearing to make sure that there isn't any permanent damage. This is all done to ensure that the right course of treatment is prescribed for your furry friend.

Treatment of an Ear Infection from At the Oaks Pet Hospital

Once the ear infection has been diagnosed by a trained vet in Bakersfield, the treatment can begin. This will probably involve a short course of oral and/or topical antibiotics that are applied to the ear itself. The dedicated veterinarian team from At the Oaks Hospital can get pets healthy again in no time with our targeted treatment for pet ear infections! Call today to make an appointment with our experienced team!