Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated

Our veterinarians At The Oaks Pet Hospital in Bakersfield understand that injuries and illnesses can occur at any time and care can't wait until regular business hours, which is why we offer extended hours, including Saturdays and walk-in services. Prompt treatment may save your cat or dog's life in the event of a serious accident such as being hit by a car. 

Conditions Treated

Emergency Care Our Veterinary Staff Can Provide

We equip our animal hospital with the latest technology to treat your pet for a wide range of injuries and illnesses without having to refer you to a veterinary specialist. We take X-rays, analyze blood and other biological samples, and when necessary, perform emergency surgeries at our Bakersfield location. 

Symptoms That Require Emergency Pet Care

Unless you saw your pet get struck by a vehicle or can see a visible injury, it may be challenging to determine if it's something that can wait until your vet's regular business hours. Symptoms that can not wait for regular veterinarian hours include:

  • Seizures
  • Weak or rapid pulse
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Pale gums
  • Problems standing or walking

If your cat or dog is experiencing any of the above symptoms, contact us immediately at 661-665-8950 or come in for urgent care. 

Steps You Can Take at Home to Provide First Aid

There are actions you can take to help before leaving for urgent care that can help stabilize your pet for transportation. Stop the bleeding from injuries with direct pressure to the wound and elevation. If you have a muzzle for your dog, use it to prevent them from licking or biting the area and apply a bandage. Severe bleeding may require a tourniquet. Do not wait to take your pet to urgent care for severe bleeding. This is life-threatening.

If you suspect a broken bone be very careful moving your pet. Use a flat surface such as a board or anything strong enough to support your pet for transport. Wrap a towel or blanket around the board and pet to secure them. Do not wrap it too tight to prevent further bone or joint damage. 

These steps are a substitute for critical veterinary care, and you need to get your pet seen by a vet as soon as possible. 

Contact Us Immediately at the Oaks Pet Hospital for Emergency Pet Care 

The veterinarians at our animal hospital in Bakersfield are on standby Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm to help with your pet's urgent care needs. Call us at 661-665-8950 or come directly to our office at 9887 Camino Media, Bakersfield, CA 93311. If possible, please call and let our staff know the details of your pet emergency so they can be prepared when you arrive.