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Quality Pet Health Care with 
At the Oaks Pet Hospital, Your Veterinarian in Bakersfield

At The Oaks Pet Hospital is a full-service place for quality pet care in Bakersfield. We can take furry patients on both an emergency and appointment basis, and provide routine, surgical, and dental care right here at our office. Our on-site vet, Dr. Teg Sidhu, is highly experienced, with many years of caring for animals under his belt and on his resume. He treats serious conditions, gives routine exams, and does pet wellness care so your pet stays healthy in the first place. In addition, we pride ourselves on being a family-friendly office, with entertainment for kids and a calming, relaxing environment for pets, so you can bring the whole family and everyone will have a good experience here from the very first visit.


Veterinary Services We Provide

We provide some of the highest quality veterinarian services in the state for your pet, which is designed to create healthy pets and give peace of mind to pet parents. Here are some of the important services our animal hospital provides that you won't find at other area veterinarian offices.

  • Routine Exams -  Annual exams, including vaccinations
  • Dental Care for Pets - Including cleanings, extractions, and more
  • Pet Surgery - From complex procedures to bone and soft tissue repair, to spaying and neutering
  • Boarding
  • Grooming
  • Radiology -  Including x-rays and ultrasounds
  • Upper and Lower Endoscopies - To detect and diagnose disease, as well as to remove growths or foreign bodies (such as things an animal has swallowed that they shouldn't have, like toys, coins, jewelry, and similar items)
  • Cold Laser Therapy - Used to treat arthritis and other inflammatory conditions of the soft tissues. The laser is excellent at reducing inflammation and relieving pain in animals.
  • Orthopedic Surgery - Including repairing torn ACLs. In fact, Dr. Sidhu is certified in Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy, which is the best way to repair torn ACLs in pets and has done more than seven hundred of these procedures.
  • Maternity Care - For pregnant pets, including pre and post-natal care for mother and babies alike
  • Diagnosis and Treatment  - Of chronic conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, genetic defects (like hip dysplasia), and arthritis

Contact Us Today to Make an Appointment for Your Pet

Contact us today to get your pet set up with their first appointment with us. Happy, healthy pets begin with At the Oaks Pet Hospital. Serving Bakersfield CA, and other surrounding areas, we are your vet of choice when it comes to providing the highest standards of excellence in care for your pet, along with genuine caring and compassion for you and your beloved four-legged companion.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet and to making you part of the At the Oaks Pet Hospital family. Contact us today or book an appointment through our online appointment request form on our website.

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